Should You DPF Delete?

Should you DPF Delete? We say NO! Here’s why: Smarty’s advanced technology takes a bad thing like your DPF/EGR system and turns it into good. Testing has shown that Smarty not only makes your DPF/EGR system more efficient, but it can improve your stock truck’s fuel economy by up to 4 miles per gallon. To do a DPF delete properly is expensive and if done wrong, can turn your expensive truck into a lame duck. DPF Delete’s void your warranty. Deleting the DPF is illegal Deleting the DPF EXTREMELY limits what you can do with your truck and the type of tuner you can use. With the Smarty, having a truck with a DPF/EGR system is no longer the end of the world. If you want to go the extra step, along with the addition of a quality Smarty Programmer, you can add a water/methanol injection kit from Snow Performance. Not only will you add even more power but you will further help your truck during the regen process, keeping that DPF clean and clear and your truck running in superior shape.