Smarty JR J-67 Tuner | Dodge 2007 - 2012 6.7L Cummins Tuner

Smarty JR J-67 Tuner | Dodge 2007 - 2012 6.7L Cummins Tuner

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Smarty Jr Pogrammer: J67 and J67US

The Smarty J-67 Programmer is the best bang for the buck if you own a 2007-2012 6.7L Dodge Cummins pickup. The J-67 is the JR version of the Smarty Tuner for 2007-2012 6.7L Cummins, it has a little more limited option set than the Senior S-67 programmer, but it provides everything the typical day to day driver needs, optional power, better fuel economy at an affordable price.

This Smarty Programmer will NOT help you delete your DPF/EGR emissions system! Read more by clicking here.

If you are more of a power user looking to get the most out of modifications for your truck or if you are looking to stack the Smarty with other chips, we highly recommend the slightly more expensive SR S-67 Programmer.

Depending on the year range that you select belowyou will either receive a J-6710US for 2010-2012 trucks or the J-67US for 2007-2009 trucks.


  • Compatible with Dodge Cummins Turbodiesel 6.7L (2007 – 2012)
  • With CaTCHER softwares inside
  • With three different performance levels to choose from: 40 / 70 / 100 HP
  • Provides better fuel economy and optimized driveability
  • Download up to three times faster than the competition, with a typical ECM update taking under five minutes
  • Adjust your tire height using ABS programming in just seconds from 22,5” to 44” in 1/10” increments
  • Manual High Idle enabled in all performance levels
  • Read your Diagnostic Trouble Codes or DTCs in plain text interpretation and clear them
  • Requires no tools or fuses to pull
  • Quick and easy access to free upgrades from the MADS website using the built-in USB connector
  • Get free internet updates from MADS
  • Has the most complete keyboard in the industry
  • Quick and hassle-free installation
  • Very reliable because it uses your OEM hardware
  • Program and fine tune your vital engine parameters
  • Power on Demand

Your Smarty JR Programmer is equipped with Power on Demand, which allows you to select your preferred power level from 0 to 99 using the arrow keys. For security purposes, the changes apply only after the throttle is released. Your Smarty JR Programmer will allow you to choose from 3 different software levels based on horsepower improvements. Software 1 through Software 3 use a modified Torque Management or TQM. You will experience improved throttle response, but your tranny and the rest of your driveline will be set to a safe limit for your tranny and the rest of your driveline. The figures specified below are based on Mads Electronics’ in-house Dyno tests made on stock trucks. Mads checked the horsepower at the rear wheels of the stock trucks with Smarty J67 Programmer tested twice a day and rounded it down to get those figures.

Power Levels

  • Software 1: 40 Horsepower increase
  • Software 2: 70 Horsepower increase
  • Software 3: 100 Horsepower increase

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