Smarty S-67 Tuner for 2007-2012 Dodge 6.7L Cummins

Smarty S-67 Tuner for 2007-2012 Dodge 6.7L Cummins

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The S-6710US (for 2010-2012 trucks) and the S-67US (for 2007-2009 trucks) are the most powerful programmers on the market for the Dodge 6.7L Cummins pickup. The S-67 (“S” Senior) is for the serious enthusiast that wants the maximum flexibility and the maximum power options. The S-67 programmer allows you to stack other chips and provides anywhere from 30 to 170 additional horsepower.

This Smarty Programmer will NOT help you delete your DPF/EGR emissions system! Read more by clicking here.

Not only for power, the Smarty Programmer maximizes the efficiency of DPF and EGR systems to increase fuel economy and make those systems less of an annoyance.

If all you want is a little more fuel economy and a few horsepower options, consider looking at our more economical “JR” J-67 programmer.

Depending on the year you select below, we will either send you a S-67US (2007-2009) or an S-6710US (2010-2012).


Your Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel 6.7L model of 2007-2012 is a machine worth using to the best of its abilities. Nothing less is expected from an enthusiast and your truck deserves to be used to the fullest. With the Smarty S-67, this is exactly what you will be able to do and more.

With the features to grant you numerous choices of manipulating your machine as you want, the Smarty S-67 is a gadget that will do what you want as you want it done. Your hands will be doing the work after all, and so you get to be the one to decide what happens.

  • Even More Simplified
  • You get the software CaTCHER
  • Your options for the levels of performance number at ten
  • The download is the fastest you will come across in the market
  • Calibrations are completed in a few moments
  • A manual that is easy to understand
  • Displays are in plain text
  • Updates are easy
  • A complete keyboard

A Very Fine Tuning
With the CaTCHER software on your side, calibrating the parameters that you want is extremely simple. For the calibrations themselves, the following are open to you:

  • Speed, power and control are free to be calibrated
  • Tire height can be controlled effortlessly
  • You can limit your speed at whatever figure you want

The control that you have over the power is especially astonishing with the use of the Smarty S-67. Horsepower can be dialed at several degrees from half of its power that is represented which is the SW #0 to SW#9 which is a 170 horsepower increase and with timing added.

All of these are easy to accomplish through the features that are listed above. With plain text as the display, you will find it easier to make the adjustments you want. With the keyboard being complete, you will find no difficulty achieving the results you are looking for. With the manual being simplistic and easy to understand, you will not be as likely to be confused.

Efficient Speed
With all of these features, a constant advantage that the Smarty S-67 provides is the speed of its responses.

  • Data transfer and calibrations are done in a few moments
  • Updates are completed quickly
  • Downloads are likewise fast, with the typical download lasting five minutes

These should make the job of increasing the performance of your Dodge Cummins truck easy enough. The speed should also lend some satisfaction to those who don’t like to be interrupted.

Power Levels
The horsepower settings. except #0, all other softwares have a modified “Torque management” ( TQM ). The throttle response is greatly improved but is set to a safe limit. With “Safe” I mean safe for your tranny and rest of the driveline.

  • SW # 0 : Half power
  • SW # 1 : 30 hp increase, with added timing
  • SW # 2 : 60 hp increase, no added timing ***
  • SW # 3 : 60 hp increase, with added timing
  • SW # 4 : 90 hp increase, no added timing ***
  • SW # 5 : 90 hp increase, with added timing
  • SW # 6 : 130 hp increase, no added timing ***
  • SW # 7 : 130 hp increase, with added timing
  • SW # 8 : 170 hp increase, no added timing *** °°°
  • SW # 9 : 170 hp increase, with added timing °°°

°°° Do not use for prolonged high speed runs! Speeds exceeding approx 105 MPH can result in high exhaust gas temperatures and damage the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) !!!

*** All even numbered softwares (2-4-6-8) without timing are to be used for stacking with other after market power adding devices that also add their own timing. NO additional timing has to be used with the odd numbered softwares (1-3-5-7-9).Severe engine damage will result !!!

Tested on stock trucks on our in house Dyno Dinamics Twin Retarder Dyno.

Stock means just that. Stock! Even the air filters were stock…

We checked the “baseline” ( the stock truck hp at the rear wheels ) twice in a day in order to be sure about our findings. The above declared hp numbers are all rounded down to the closest number. For example the 90 hp file actually did 96 hp. That’s a 90 hp software for me, not a 100. The 170 hp was 176.

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