Smarty Touch Programmer S2G | 1998-2018 Dodge Cummins Tuner

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Commod Module Options:

The Commod Module is REQUIRED on 2013-2016 trucks to make the Smarty Touch work. The Commod Module also unlocks additional features on 2010+ trucks. The Commod Module will not unlock any features on 1998-2009 trucks. In other words, if you have a 2013-2016 you MUST get the Commod Module, if you have a 2010-2012 you will want to get it, and if you have a 1998-2009, you shouldn't get it.

Exhaust Probe Options:

The addition of the Exhaust Probe allows you to monitor exhaust temperatures to make sure you don't get too hot! (Recommended)

ATTN 2013-2016 Truck Owners: Along with years 1998-2012, the Smarty Touch now works on 2013-2016 trucks with the addition of the new Commod Module. If you have a 2013 to 2016 truck, be sure to select your year range in the options above and we will include the Commod Module with your order. Click here to read more about the Commod module.

The Smarty Touch is the very best monitor / programmer combo for the 1998 to 2016 Dodge Cummins Diesel Pickup. The Smarty Touch gives you the best of both worlds, providing the SAME programming technology that you would get in the world famous Smarty Sr, AND providing you with the best touch screen display every built. Now you can enjoy the superior programming that comes with any Smarty product, and enjoy the safety of monitoring everything on a cool touch screen display.


Smarty Touch Quick User Guide: Click Here

Smarty Touch Comprehensive User Guide: Click Here

A word from Marco on the Smarty Touch: Click Here


Installation on the Smarty Touch is super easy. Simply plug it in like any standard OBDII programmer and mount the full color touch display where you want it.


Here are a few of the great features of the Smarty Touch

  • Works in 1998.5 to 2016 Dodge Trucks!!!
  • 4.3″ Touch Display with a resolution of 480 x 272 and did we mention, 16.3 million colors??
  • The Smarty Touch is a stand-alone unit. It plugs directly into the OBD-II and replaces the need for a Smarty Junior or Smarty Sr.
  • Utilizes a twin CPU Design, boasting the fastest display and tuner combination in the world!!!
  • Fastest startup in the diesel performance industry at only 4 seconds!
  • Fastest PID refresh rate in the industry.
  • Fastest ECM download in the industry, up to 3x faster than any of the competition. A typical ECM update takes 1.5 to 6 minutes depending on the model year.
  • Small micro USB cable connecting the display and the controller for easy installation.
  • MicroSD card for simple and fast updates (included).
  • Fully internet updateable. Updates are ALWAYS FREE!
  • MicroSD card can store multiple UDC custom tunes.
  • Works with any MicroSD FAT file system formatted card.
  • EGT Sensor (optional), reads accurately up to over 2200 degrees!

And More Features:

  • Four dashboards, each configurable with 5 different gauge layouts.
  • For details about the dashboard layouts, please click here
  • Freely configurable gauges range.
  • Two alarms (high and a low range can be configured.
  • Configured ranges are also displayed through colored bars in all digital gauges.
  • Configurable PID refresh speed
  • Each gauge stores/updates and displays the max reached PID value continuously.
  • Recorded max values can be reset at any time.
  • Customizeable display background.
  • Adjustable sound feedback for alarms.

And More Features:

  • Supports over 300 SAE and Proprietary PID’s.
  • Works on all Dodge Ram Cummins from 1998 to 2015

And More Features:

  • CaTCHER software inside with ten power levels.
  • Selectable performance parameters for fine tuning.
  • Works with our UDC custom tuning software
  • Can store any number of UDC custom files. The only limit is the storage space on the MicroSD card that you use.
  • ABS tire height updates in just seconds.
  • Cold weather 3 Cylinder High Idle enabled for 1998.5 – 2002 VP 5.9L trucks.
  • Not traceable in the stock setting. Smarty Touch leaves NO FOOTPRINT in all 5.9L trucks.
  • Manual High Idle is enabled in all softwares for CR 5.9L trucks.
  • Reads Diagnostic Trouble Codes in plain text.
  • Clears DTC’s
  • Reliable, it works off your OEM hardware.
  • Programmable Speed Limiter from 25 to 250 mph.
  • TNT-R and SSR software for CR 5.9L trucks (requires unlock code).
  • RPM and Shift limiters unlocked with TNT-R and SSR softwares.
  • Power on Demand “PoD” for CR 5.9L and 2007-2009 6.7L trucks.

Gauge Layouts:

Analog Style



2 Analog, 3 Digital


1 Analog, 5 Digital

6 Digital

5 Digital

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Good programmer

I have an 01 5.9L Cummins. The performance improvement is nice and mpg gains around impressive. There is only a small glitch in the touch pad. It regularly flashes and does not power up..... 2 red blinks, 1 green blink, followed with 2 red blinks. For now, I've just unplugged it as the program is already loaded in the ECM and performs fine as expected.

690 miles in and pleased!

Installed the touch on my 04.5 auto 2500. Replaced the injectors w/ BBI at the same time. Gauge layouts allow up to 6 parameters to be displayed at once, and data logs are very fast, about .08s per data point. I’m still learning but love being able to watch all the parameters and tweak things


Great way for cheap horsepower

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